Deep integration with the Google Apigee
API-Management platform

APInfinity builds on the capabilities of Google Apigee to provide functionality aligned with the requirements of medium and large enterprises.

Reduced development resource requirement

Driven from the Open API Specifications, proxy generation is automated meaning that it is quick and consistent – all without the need to engage with Apigee trained proxy developers.

APIs can be published by authorised staff members without any prior knowledge of the API Management platform whilst still being required to adhere to corporate governance policies.

Fully RFC Compliant OAuth2 Proxy

Utilise OAuth2 in a secure and scalable proxy hosted directly within the Apigee platform. With support for advanced features such as multiple IDPs and Consent management the OAuth2 proxies present an easy route to security across all APIs.

Tracing for all calls

Extending the Apigee selective tracing functionality, The requests and responses for any recent calls can be searched & inspected allowing powerful diagnostic to be employed after the event.

Seamless management of API Versions

Add version lifecycle management to APIs delivered using Apigee.

Complete API Lifecycle management

Expanding Apigee’s Runtime API management, APInfinity allows the full Lifecycle of an API to be managed, from Inception to Retirement.

Designed to support enterprise

Built from the ground up to complete the enterprise feature set of the Apigee platform, APInfinity provides the functionality that integrates API Management into the core service delivery

Full Open SLA support

Describe consumer quotas and capabilities of APIs using the descriptive Open SLA format. APInfinity translates the human readable syntax into native Apigee policy elements for enforcement by the platform.

On Premise Support

On premise installations of Apigee are supported with the same feature set as Cloud customers, keeping data and control completely within the enterprise.

Unlimited customisation

Utilising powerful c# based templates allows unlimited customisation options for generated proxies.

Customise templates per API to exactly align proxy functionality with business requirements.

Extended CI/CD Integration Points

Providing additional ways for automated processes to control the API proxy lifecycle, APInfinity ensures that Apigee works in unison with the business.