A command line executor for VS Code Rest Client scripts
HttpRun in action
The excellent Visual Studio Code - Rest Client Extension cannot run without the Visual Studio Code IDE and also cannot automatically execute requests sequentially (sending requests requires interaction using the mouse). HttpRun fixes this limitation, but allowing
script files to be run from a command line.
What is it?
HttpRun is a cross-platform command-line
script executor.
Written in Microsoft .net core, it works on Windows and Unix platforms and implements a majority of the languages features of the Visual Studio code extension. Supporting batched execution of requests it has additional support for unattended execution with an extensive selection of command line options.
Apiway uses HttpRun during development and testing of their own Software platforms.
Feature support
HttpRun has been written to support as much of the original Visual Studio Code Rest Client feature set as possible. There have been a few compromises where functionality was not a good fit for an unattended script run from the command line, however most functionality is supported and scripts written and debugged in Visual Studio Code will normally run with HttpRun successfully.
Feature httprun VS Code Rest Client
Send, Cancel & Re-run http requests Partial - Send only Yes
Send GraphQL queries No Yes
Copy as cURL No Yes
Request History No Yes
Multiple requests in same file Yes Yes
Preview of Response Yes Yes
Save response to disk No Yes
Authentication support
Basic Auth Yes Yes
Digest Auth Coming Yes
SSL Client Certificates Coming Yes
Azure active directory No Yes
Microsoft Identity Platform No Yes
AWS Signature v4 No Yes
Environment and Variable support
Use variables in URL \ Headers \ Body Yes Yes
Environment, File and Request variables Yes Yes
System Dynamic variables
{{$guid}} Yes Yes
{{$randomInt min max}} Yes Yes
{{$timestamp [offset option]}} Yes Yes
{{$datetime rfc1123|iso8601 [offset option]}} Yes Yes
{{$localDatetime rfc1123|iso8601 [offset option]}} Yes Yes
{{$processEnv [%]envVarName}} Yes Yes
{{$dotenv [%]variableName}} No Yes
{{$aadToken [new] [public|cn|de|us|ppe] [<domain|tenantId>] [aud:<domain|tenantId>]}} No Yes
Cookie support No Yes
Proxy Support No Yes
Http Language support
.http and .rest file support Yes Yes
Comments (// & #) Partial - # only Yes
Command-line switches
For the most up-to-date documentation, visit the HttpRun Github repository.