We envision a world where every company
has loads of awesome APIs – just like Amazon, Uber and
Google have nowadays.

APIs are good for the world

The global population has benefited from the increase in standardisation and quality of APIs. It has brought about innovation that has benefited people in leisure, work, healthcare and humanitarian aspects.

In spite of the abundance of computing power and data the world is not awash with APIs.

Bad APIs are frustrating

Given the value a good API can provide, why don’t all companies have awesome APIs? Why do some succeed and others struggle?

Apiway has been working with investment banks for years, helping them to prepare their APIs for regulatory and commercial fulfilment. This has provided a great deal of insight into what large enterprises find hard about creating good APIs and crafting them into a well functioning API economy.

So why have we crafted Apinfinity? Our motivation is simple really, we want to see companies fulfil their API potential and for the whole world to benefit from the exciting innovations that they bring.