It is all very well advising on creating
quality APIs, but does Apiway ‘drink its
own champagne’?

You bet we do!


We apply SOLID principals when developing our code.

USE: Source Control

We use GIT and Gitflow to ensure that we can trace every line of code back to a change request or release.


We read and understand the RFCs on the topics our application covers. We write our tests based on those RFCs.

BE: Well Tested

We write Unit Tests, Integration tests and End-2-End tests for our products.

DO: Code Reviews

We perform code reviews to ensure that our code is up to standard. We are not afraid to rewrite code to make it simpler as we have lots of Tests.

USE: Modern Technology

We use up to date programming languages and tools.

DON’T: Impact Production

We develop with a mantra that production is sacred, if we can avoid being a critical dependency in production we do avoid it.

USE: Containerisation

We use containeratisation (Docker in most instances) to always have lower environments match production, so no surprises are encountered when promoting to production.

BE: Secure by design

Security is first and foremost in our minds when designing and developing.

BE: Efficient

We look for efficiency savings in how we code, the (time) cost of executing that code and the processes we are impacting by developing products.

DON’T: Make things up

We understand where our expertise lies and we will give guidance freely when we are sure we know what we are talking about. We will be honest when we are not experts on a topic so decisions are not made on unsuitable information.